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Royal Energy

The pillars of the company are animal bedding and environmentally friendly fuels. We convert residual products from the wood industry into a range of end products, such as the Biomass pellet.


We are always exploring new possibilities for our source materials, which enambles us to introduce innovative and sustainable products to the market.

Using our excellent distribution facilities, we supply these goods to wholesalers across the globe. Because of our many years of experience, but mainly because of our progressive thinking, we have become one of the leading wood processing companies in Europe.

Biomass pellet
A carbon neutral fuel

Our Biomass wood granules are a carbon neutral fuel which we refer to as 'pellets'. The Biomass pellet can be used to heat spaces and to generate energy. More and more consumers are interested in environmentally friendly fuels such as this one because of ever-rising energy prices and increasing pressure to reduce carbon emissions.

Royal Energy introduced its Biomass pellet in 2005. With our Biomass pellet you can heat your home without damaging the environment, because the product is completely carbon neutral. This means that the tree that forms the basic material for our Biomass pellet emits when it is burnt.

The Biomass pellet's dimensions make it a unique product that produces an easily manageable and, more importantly, a clean burn. The product is highly suitable for smaller and middle-sized automatic installations which will automatically supply the furnace with pellets, using a worm wheel.

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