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Royalspan Deluxe

Royalspan ExcellentRoyalspan Excellent

Extra volume and scattering volume
Only carefully selected wood shavings are used when preparing Royalspan Excellent. These wood shavings are guaranteed untreated and made from 100% soft wood.

Royalspan Excellent ensures extra scattering volume for your stable. The appearance is truly magnificent!

Royalspan Excellent provides optimal absorption and is treated with Micro Activ as standard, which means much less ammonia is released. The stable remains extremely hygienic.


Royalspan Excellent

Bale dimensions: approx. 78 x 40 x 34cm
Weight: approx. 20 kg
Package volume: approx. 120 litres
Scattering volume: approx. 650 litres
Packaging: compressed bales:
21 bales per euro pallet,
or 48 bales per industrial pallet.